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New Platinum badges available
25/04/2022 By Dawn Saunders

Our new Quees Platinum badges to be distributed this week to all members.

Please wear with pride on the left breast of uniforms / tunics




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New Squirrel Section to start in May 2022
15/04/2022 By Dawn Saunders
Cubs Chatting

Our new Squirrel section launches in May 2022. 

Emily and her team have been working hard to deal with all of the paperwork that needs sorting before the section officially starts. We will start with a small number of YP and look to add to the numbers in June before opening up to an already busy waiting list in September. It's vital that we go for a staged opening so that new leaders and YP can get to know what Squirrels is all about.

Are you willing to help at the Section? Do you want your YP to join - they have to be 4 but can join the waiting list earlier. The section will meet on a WMonday eveing from 5.30


Enquiries to


Welcome to Stacey who will be part of the leader team



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Responding to the crisis in Ukraine
15/04/2022 By Dawn Saunders
Male Leader and Group of Cubs
As Scouts we're committed to peace, international friendship, and respect for all. Our Chief Scout, Bear Grylls has written to the National Organization of the Scouts of Ukraine showing our solidarity, and extending the hand of friendship and support. We know this must be especially hard on the young people of Ukraine anxious about the future and concerned about the safety of their family and friends.

At times like these, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends in crisis, and remind ourselves we’re part of a worldwide family of Scouts. Now is the moment for us to live our promise to help other people, especially as we begin to see refugees and displaced people. We hope and pray for a de-escalation and a peaceful resolution.

We also know that this will be a worrying time for Scouts and other young people here in the UK, including those with family links to Ukraine. As the crisis escalates, so do people’s anxieties about the situation.

As a Scouts volunteer, here are some resources to help you approach the subject with different age groups. We hope they will help them understand more about conflict and help them come to terms with their thoughts and feelings to support their wellbeing.


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Beaver Running


Beryl Moss, Scouts volunteer

Volunteers make a huge difference to young people's lives – giving them skills for life, while learning a whole lot about themselves along the way.

Here’s what Beryl Moss, who’s been volunteering with Scouts for 40 years, has to say.

I’d completed Brownies, Guides and Rangers in Suffolk, then I went on to complete all my Guider Training and ran my own Guide Company.

What skills have you learned and passed onto others?

I’ve learned how to be independent but at the same time, worked in groups with people of all ages. I’ve also learned a lot of practical and paperwork skills from doing my training.

How's volunteering at Scouts helped you in your personal life?

I’ve experienced mental health issues, which wasn’t easy, but the support I had from my friends and parents at Scouts helped me. While I struggled to do many things, I always managed to join Scouts activities and run my Cub Pack. My doctor supported me to be in Scouts and I was even able to join our Gang Show on stage. This helped build my confidence, especially since it was far beyond what I thought I could do at the time.

I’ve worked with the Jewish Scout community on Faiths and Beliefs, and I’ve learned new and different things about my religion. I’ve passed on my knowledge of religion through activities like crafts, and I’ve formed excellent bonds from this experience. I’m still in touch with my friends online from around the world, and I like spreading joy to others, especially if someone’s having a difficult day miles away.

Truly, no. You can’t expect to have something if you don’t give back to others, so follow the Scouts training journey, put yourself forward, and have a blast volunteering! You’re always welcome to give as much or as little of your time, and I never have time to be bored.

Why is volunteering #GoodForYou? Share your story



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Update on Group Scout Leader position
15/04/2022 By Dawn Saunders
Scout Science

As from 1st May 2022, our DC Julie Goodyear will assume GSL responsibilities for the Group. Our wider District team are busy with other roles that demand their time and do not have the resource available for other support. More details of Julie’s contact details will follow later.


Julie’s involvement in the Group will be light touch. She is fully aware of the work at the Group presently and I will still have a small role on the Group Exec. The light touch should be OK in the short term. The Group is in a solid state, the leaders training is up to date, there are no key issues, the Exec is strong, and we are financially sound. But the Group cannot continue without a GSL for long and as I explained previously, we do really face the prospect of closure if a GSL cannot be found.


The Group Scout Leader role is pivotal to supply support and direction for the Group but I do understand that folks could be put off by the prospect of a  big task. It can be, but our Group is strong and has a vision so the new person will not be coming into a poor situation with no support. I see the GSL role taking up not much more than 10 hours a month – with most of that being emails, delegation of tasks and phone calls. On average, one meeting per month. To make it easier, Julie and I think the way forward for any GSL recruits could be made a bit easier if the Group looked at folk taking the following roles. These would be:


  • Leader Membership Manager  - to deal with new applications and keep Compass up to date
  • Property and Governance Manager – To supply H&S support plus review and compile risk assessments
  • Group Activity Risk Manager – To oversee the use of Scouts RAM (the national risk assessment tool) and ensure meeting, camp and event risk assessments are fit for use
  • Young People Membership Manager – to reconcile the monthly subs with Club Treasurer (our accounts portal) and to complete the Gift aide application annually


Can you help with one of these roles? None of these positions will take up more than 6 hours per month, some less than that. All roles would be based on a Group Administrator role, so an application form and GDPR module to be taken. That is all. You would need access to a computer and the internet. 


I do hope this appeal will be successful so we can move WF8 onwards. We have made great strides over the past 3 years despite all that has been thrown at us – I am proud that we have membership at one of the highest the Group has seen for many years and adults are willing to help support the leader team. But we need a GSL and folk to do the tasks that I have mentioned. Please do get in touch if you can help or know someone that can.


Ian Setchell (GSL) / Julie Goodyear (Wyre Forest Scouts District Commissioner)

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