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News on Hut refurbishment
03/12/2019 By Ian Setchell


We are working  hard behind the scenes to get work on the hut ceiling, lights, heating, fire doors upgraded and hot water started and on the way. The toilets are due to be upgraded as well. These are our priorities over the next 6 months or so. After that the kitchen and stores upgrade.

Additionally we need to get the outside lights working.

But first we need to make sure the premises are safe so because of the age of the building we have commissioned an asbestos survey to take place in the first week of December. We dont think there are any issues but we need to make sure. Then the work can start on removing the strip lights in the main hall and small rooms,  we will do some enabling work with cables and then install a new false ceiling with some new LED lights in the main hall in January. The outside lighting will be repaired in the new year as well.

We will ask for tenders on the heating - either electric or hot blown air. We will also seek to replace / refit the fire doors.  Then we will do work on the heating and hot water for the spring. Toilet refurbishment by the summer.

We are going to be really busy and we ask for your support with any help you can give (although most of the work will be done by contractors) but we could face issues using the hut as it is used most nights. We will keep the inconvienience to a minimum.

To complete this work we will be using a large amount of our cash reserves so do expect to see a blip in our bank balances at our AGM in June. However, please do support any of our fund raising as we also look to ensure we get new cash in over the next 12 months.

Ian, GSL


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